Friday, 11 June 2010

A stroll on the beach with aliens

Yesterday I had a fantastic shoot with Chilli Photography in the quite sunny and very windy Wales! The day began slightly wobbly as I had forgotten that my phone contract was due to expire - so I no longer had a phone with which to text ahead and let Gemma know I was on my way. But luckily our previous communication had been good and Gemma and JJ were there waiting for me when I got off the train.

A cup of tea at JJ's and an outfit change later and we were off to the beach, myself in a very little dress and a blanket to shield me from those Welsh winds! Despite the slightly cold
weather it was a nice day for the beach and there were a few groups and walkers dotted around.

We found ourself a nice spot slightly further away from the curious onlookers (jokingly referred to as my fan club - although I sincerely doubt they had any intention whatsoever of becoming a fan of mine) and began to shoot.
Around an hour or so (I had very little notion of time whilst shooting) later, we moved up the beach for a change in outfit and scenery and found some
very conveniently positioned rocks. I watched on from a nice comfy mat while Tony and JJ expertly positioned lights and set up the camera and then it was my turn to climb!
It was
actually much easier than it looked, and I was up and ready to rock in no time (note the pun)! As the outfit and background were so different I am quite
confident that we successfully managed to achieve a very different look to those shots taken before.

We then returned to the studio for pizza and for a final change involving myself as a giant and some flying saucers with some very interesting results! What a fantastic day!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

The start of something new

Today marks a new beginning for me for several reasons. The first and most originally obvious is the start of my blog - hooray! Prompted by a thread on a forum about this very thing, I have entertained the idea that perhaps somebody, or maybe even somebodies might actually be interested in my day to day modelling exploits. As I am very far from a famous supermodel, these may not be quite as interesting as those of some, but I will do my best.

The second reason today marks my starting something new is that I have allocated a certain amount of time for the breaking in of two new pairs of shoes! Yesterday my agent told me I have been put forwards for a fashion show in which Indian designers will be showcasing their latest work to the UK press. In order to be considered, and for any chance to gain my place on the show I have to send them in a video of my walk. So for much allotted time in the near future I will be prancing about my University halls, practising walking in my two new pairs of killer heels.

And finally, of course, what would be a new start without new pictures? I have been lucky enough to work with three fantastic photographers recently, and am expecting pictures through from all three. The ones I have chosen to show in my first ever blog, however, are those from Chris Milner; an exceedingly talented young photographer from York. The make-up artist was Lauren Rippin, an individual that I really enjoyed working with and hope to work with again in the near future. We had planned to collaborate with a hair stylist as well but unfortunately they cancelled at the last minute. Luckily Lauren pulled through, and managed the hair very well herself.

This shoot was both on location and in Chris' home studio. The original location was part of a military training ground in York, not originally that exciting but it soon became much more so when I trod on an empty shell from a bullet with my bare feet! Despite the apparent dangers we soldiered on (haha...) and managed to come out with some quite exciting results.

Photographer: Chris Milner
Make-up Artist: Lauren Rippin